Top Pay Per Call Publishers

There are red flags when it comes to pay per call advertising and it is important to avoid them. If you want to maximize the ROI of your advertising, choose the right publishers and target the right audience. Also, it is important to monitor your results and share them with your affiliates. If you don’t do this, you’ll waste your time and money.


Retreaver is an online marketing platform that lets you manage and customize your pay per call campaigns. The platform provides a simple user interface that is easy to navigate and easy to customize. It also offers very detailed reporting that is very helpful. Although some of its features are a bit difficult to set up, the support team is always on hand to help.

Retreaver allows you to track your inbound phone calls in real time. It also tracks a range of metrics and can isolate data by campaign, call buyer, keyword, and more. This way, you can see which calls are generating the most revenue for you.

HyperTarget Marketing

HyperTarget Marketing is a pay per call publishers that offers a wide variety of advertising solutions. The company is known for its high-quality traffic and proven processes, as well as its superb support for publishers. The company has also developed its own proprietary technology to support its clients and publishers. It also partnered with Ringba, the company that built an innovative real-time bidding platform.

The company focuses on hypertargeting, or delivering advertising content to relevant people. With this technology, advertisers are able to maximize the chances of converting information searches into sales. This technology has become the foundation of precision performance marketing.

Astoria Company

The Astoria Company is a leader in the pay per call publisher market. The company manages one of the largest and most successful Pay Per Call Performance Networks, and its affiliates are essential partners of some of the world’s most recognizable brands. It invests heavily in publisher development, education, and training, and offers hands-on management to help you grow as a pay per call publisher.

The company’s founders recognize the value of inbound calls. They strive to create a platform that provides the most qualified and effective publishers with the right tools to succeed. Their unique program is designed to produce quality, high-converting inbound calls. As a result, they are able to charge top dollar for publishers and enjoy the highest payouts of any pay per call publisher network.


Invoca’s pay-per-call program helps publishers earn revenue from call traffic. They can create rules that automatically route calls to the most relevant advertiser. An example is a campaign that drives calls to multiple auto insurance advertisers. The system routes the calls to the most appropriate advertiser based on the caller’s location. This allows publishers to maximize their commissions.

Using the Invoca call tracking API, publishers can create tracking links containing aff_sub1, aff_sub2 and aff_sub4 to capture call traffic from a variety of sources. Once a call is generated, the platform checks for new call transactions every 10 minutes and downloads and parses the data. Invoca’s pay-per-call integration records calls as conversions. Additionally, the system passes a unique ID called partner Sub ID 1 into TUNE tracking links. Once a call is recorded as a conversion, the advertiser can reconcile the ID with the TUNE network.


If you are a pay per call publisher and you would like to earn a good amount of money without compromising your reputation, you should consider using OfferVault. This program provides you with a comprehensive list of advertising options, including banner advertisements and text ads. You can search for offers, check their payout rates, see if they are accepted in your country, and even add tags to narrow down your search. It also gives you access to a wide variety of ad formats that can help you boost your home page visibility.

OfferVault helps affiliate marketers find the best pay per call offers. It serves as a search engine for thousands of pay per call offers, including those from mobile apps, dating apps, and weight loss offers. There are many features and options, including a feature that allows you to customize your offers for your publisher.